Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, I sold both games on eBay. I was hoping for about $20 each, and one sold for $18.50 and the other for $22.50. That averages out to $20.50 per game. Nice! I'm shipping them out on Tuesday, since I can't make it to the post office tomorrow. When eBay works, it sure is neat.

In other news, I recently discovered that Comcast has upped my bandwidth from 6mbps to 8. It's nice to get something when you don't expect it, and the speed boost is certainly welcome. And for those interested in knowing their internet speed, my cousin Eddy showed me a cool speed tester at SpeakEasy.

And speaking of getting things when they are least expected, Papa Murphy's gave us a family size pizza when we ordered a large. Now, if you haven't experienced the complete deliciousness of a Papa Murphy's pizza, you don't know the tastiness you are missing. And if you know what I'm talking about, then you can appreciate how cool it is to get the hugeness of a family size when you expect the adequacy of a large. Suffice it to say, we will have leftovers for quite some time now. :)

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Jessica said...

I haven't had papa murphy's in sooo long. Of course they don't have it in Georgia. Is PM's like the new Valentino's? I don't know. That stuff is quite tasty as well. But you can't walk in and take out a pizza from Val's and then bake it at home fresh yourself. Oh well. Glad you got a family size. That will be some amazingly good leftovers.