Saturday, August 19, 2006

First Episode?

When I was a kid I would stay up and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation every night during the summer with my brother Andy (how's that for a run-on sentence?). Over the years I watched every single episode of the show, often multiple times, and went on to watch many episodes of other Trek series because of it. And now thanks to Netflix, I am re-watching the show after finishing the entire Voyager series, and without fail after the first 30 seconds of each episode I find myself saying "Oh yeah, I remember this one!"

Well, last night I saw an episode which, I must confess, I do not believe I had seen before. It was called First Contact, and in it, Riker gets stuck in the medical facility of a planet with which the Federation is about to make (what else?) first contact. Problems, of course, ensued, and the episode was, in typical Trek fashion, an examination not of scenarios and events, but how the characters handled these scenarios and events. It was pretty cool overall, but I was amazed that I actually found an episode I had not seen before.

I'm actually hoping it happens again as I continue to re-watch the series. :)

In about 20 minutes we're heading out to Amigo's, which is basically the best Mexican food anywhere in, like, the universe. mmm...meat nachos...

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