Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Can you hear me now?

I just switched from Sprint to Verizon, and it's a little strange. See, I signed up for a Sprint phone about six and a half years ago, and for a while it was a great time. I could make long-distance calls for free, I didn't have roaming in any major city, and my phone had great features like a four-line display. But over the years Sprint has kind of turned sour on me. Anyone can make long-distance calls for free now, I didn't get Sprint service in my apartment (or lots of other places here in the Cities), and a four-line display is pretty weak nowadays. Verizon, despite having an annoying (but very memorable...I tell ya, those marketing dudes know their stuff) tagline, seemed to have the best service out of the major cell phone companies, and they were running a pretty sweet deal lately. So I signed up, and it's been pretty cool.

My new phone is nothing special by today's standards, but coming from a black-and-blue four-line display it feels like going from an Apple //e to an Intel iMac.

I still have yet to send a text message. To anyone. Ever. But when that day finally comes, oh, what a...uhm...probably not very noteworthy day it will be. :)

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