Friday, July 25, 2008

May the Force be with you

Ok, so last night my wife and I went to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum, and it was extremely cool. We saw models and costumes from all of the films, watched lots of mini-documentaries about special effects and other aspects of the films. There was a short animatronic presentation about robots, which was kind of silly, but I appreciated the sentiment behind it at least.

But enough of my yakking. On to the photos!

Me standing next to the actual model used for filming Princess Leia's Corellian Corvette as it escaped from the Star Destroyer at the beginning of ANH.

An A-wing model, which is much larger than it might seem.

She'll make point five past light speed. And she's huge! This model is about four feet long.

Note the black piping holding this Star Destroyer up. I figured they would have used a mount that extended from the bottom when filming this ship in action, but this type of rig allowed them to film from underneath much easier.

The Man in The Helmet.

Two Wookiee costumes used in Episode Three.

An actual AT-AT model used in filming the Hoth sequences.

So yeah, you could (and I would) say the exhibit was pretty awesome. They had a few things that cost extra money, like an OMNI movie about special effects, but we decided against it. The rest of the science museum was really interesting too, by the way.

Tonight we head to The Brass Rail again, on our way to Jon's parents' cabin in Wisconsin. And right now it looks like a nice thunderstorm is brewing. If there's a better way to start the weekend, I'm not sure what it is. :)

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Did her ship escape?

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