Friday, July 04, 2008

Gates of the Rockies

Yesterday we took the boat trip I mentioned in my previous post, though it turns out it was on the Missouri, not the Madison. Here's a few highlights from the trip.

(click each photo for a much larger version)

Views like this are not uncommon up in Montana.

The State owns the land on the eastern side of this river, while the western side is privately held, but designated as a Conservation Easement. Our tour guide said that a hundred years from now the land should still look just like this: pristine and undeveloped.

Much of the vegetation on the eastern side was destroyed in a fire last summer, which lasted several months and was finally extinguished by December snows. Fires like this are actually good in the long run, though, as they give the forests a chance to renew themselves.

Today we don't have much planned in the way of actual stuff to do, but it should be a relaxing day of just being with family. And what better way to celebrate our Nation's independence? And by the way, major props to TJ for making this trip possible.

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gb said...

how big was the boat? just curious how "adventurous" you are with your camera.... a kayak is very different from a luxury yak*...