Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Big Show

Tonight was my first night helping out at our church's Vacation Bible School program, and even though I was a bit nervous at first, things went off pretty well throughout the evening. I was not in charge of snacks, or break time, or arts-n-crafts, or songs, or even leading kids to the bathroom. No, I was put in charge, more or less, of the puppet show. And ho boy, what a show it was. :)

Ok, so I wasn't technically in charge of the puppet show, but I did play the major roles and had to find another kid to help with the minor ones. One of the ladies who was running the VBS program was the "Storyteller" and I was both Matthew and a Centurion, while my young helper played Jesus. We both handled some minor roles too, like Pharisees and whatnot, and I have to say, it was the best puppet show I have ever participated in. And we get to do it again tomorrow and Thursday, with new skits each time. So if you're in the area and in need of some top-notch Biblical entertainment the next few nights, you know where to find me.

Last weekend we went to my friend Jon's parents' cabin with him and his girlfriend Sarah, and as usual, it was a great time. We hit up all the usual haunts like the Brass Rail, Wal-Mart, and the shifty Packer Bar. We did all the usual things like fish, watch movies, play Wii, and even got in a few rounds of Cowboy Golf. I started out great, but soon met crushing defeat at the hands of my wife and Sarah. It was fun, though, which is all that matters. Overall the trip was a great time, despite some tiredness on my part as well as a stronger-than-usual case of the Post-Brass Rail-Stomache-Ache. And with that, allow me to close out this post with the view from the cabin, and a big thank-you to Jon and Sarah both for a great weekend.

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sj said...

I'm pretty sure any "crushing defeat" would've come from your wife (by herself), as I scored about 6 points total the whole weekend. :-P

It's pretty sad that we didn't make it to the ice cream shop or the candy store. I guess it saved us some money by not going there. But still, it's sad. :(

And you forgot to mention our late-night Scattergories fun!!!!!

And Trudy. ha.