Monday, September 10, 2007

Theatrically Dining

Last night we went to a performance of Les Miserables at this place called the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. We got a sweet two-for-one deal thanks to the ad I saw at Papa Murphys a few weeks ago, and I have to say, because this is my forum to do so, that it was an absolutely exceptional experience. I have seen many productions before, but this was accompanied by a nice dinner as well, which cast a rather classy light on the whole evening. While the food itself wasn't particularly outstanding, it was cool to have a meal before watching an incredible stage production. And oh, what a show it was. I read the book when I was in high school but forgot everything about it except the main character's name, Jean ValJean. The story is about a man's transformation from lowly urchin to respectable father figure amidst the backdrop of the French revolution. His counterpart is Javert, the police inspector who strives to do his duty at any cost, even when he can clearly distinguish between the letter and the spirit of the law. The performance was epic in scope, even on a rather smallish stage, and the production values were through the proverbial roof. Altogether an outstanding evening.

Before the show we went to visit some relatives who live near the theatre, and listened to one of them, my cousin Esther, play a beautiful piece on her harp. Yeah, harp. That sucker was massive, and I could hardly believe the melodies she was able to delicately coax out of its assortment of strings. I gotta give a major shout-out to my other cousin Eddy, who greeted us at the door standing up all on his own. Way to go, man! The Lord is faithful, and will return you to full health, I know it.

I had leftover rice for lunch, and leftover tuna for dinner, but each old thing was made new by the addition of a ripe juicy tomato, donated by someone at work who left a bucket of them out in the breakroom with a sign that said "Free," which, incidentally, was the same way my friends and I acquired a charcoal grill back in college.

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SJ said...

and you were worried about it being girly. we told you it wasn't. glad you enjoyed the show! :)