Thursday, September 27, 2007

A New Lease

I often rode the bus to college during my freshman year, since its route wound near to my parents' home, where I lived for the duration of my inaugural semesters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. And it was during that time when, walking the three blocks from the bus stop to our slightly oversized, backyard, I would often marvel at the warmth of days like today during this time of year. See, today is September 27 and the proverbial mercury is hovering somewhere in the neighborhood of 70, which is just about as close to perfect as I could imagine. And on a day like today, I inevitably feared that it would be the last day like today for the year. My continual fear was that Old Man Winter was lying just on the other side of tomorrow, ready to expel his blustery fury on the midwestern plains of southeastern Nebraska.

And yet, somehow, there was always just one more day like today before things really got bad. And so here we are today, and I am once again thanking God for the simple things like the nice weather, and wondering if this is the last nice day of the season before winter sets in for its long cold slumber.

But it's probably not, and more will be on the way, and yet I still wonder. And I try to savor the day as best I can.

Which is why dinner tonight was one of mankind's greatest creations in all the earth: a six-inch steak and cheese from SubWay, loaded with jalapeños, pickles, black olives, lettuce, and (as my dad would put it) submerged in southwestern sauce.

Now that's living. :)


gb said...

so with all that nice weather, which star war did you stay in and watch?

Simon said...

None, but if I had to choose one, it would probably have been Return of the Jedi (formerly known as Revenge of the Jedi, in fact)