Sunday, September 02, 2007

All in a day's...

I can't believe (though I have to, because it's true) how much stuff we did yesterday. Let me see if I can recall...

Took a jaunt over to Minnehaha Falls. Got some great photos, walked to the Mississippi, petted some Alaskan Huskies (I think. They were some sort of massive wolf-type dogs).

Had far too many cheese sticks for lunch back at home

Went for a walk through Como Zoo and Conservatory, which we have been past, but never inside of, many times. For a relatively free zoo and conservatory, it sure was fun. The highlights were a giraffe licking a steel pole with his looooong tongue, and a polar bear doing laps in his pool.

Took a swim in our apartment complex's pool. The first time I have used it, in fact, even though we have lived here for over a year. Met some of our neighbors, too, one who was swimming and played catch with me and my brother, and another who was barbecuing nearby.

Made Chicken Alfredo, which probably does not need to be capitalized, but can you give me a good reason not to? I didn't think so.

Went to my uncle's house in Maple Grove to play croquet, "speed scrabble," and eat cake and ice cream. Speed scrabble is exactly like regular scrabble, save for the fact that you don't take turns. You write down each word and the associated point value as you go, in the event that a dispute is lodged at the end of the game. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it.

So yeah, yesterday was pretty cool. Today is my brother's birthday and we're heading up to Saint Cloud to see some family and whatnot. Excellent. :)

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gb said...

the speed scrabble i've played before went something like this: evenly divide the tiles amongst every player... then arrange your tiles in front of you as if you had you had a personal scrabble board. the first person to put all of their tiles in a legitimate scrabble formation (with real words) wins.