Sunday, July 29, 2007

An Easy Day's Night

Went to Saint Cloud to hang with the family today. The extended variety, that is, which consisted of two aunts, two uncles, several cousins, and some of their friends. It's nice to live close enough that we can just hop skip and jump up there for an afternoon and still have time for just the two of us after we get back. While we were up there my uncle Frank let me borrow his tripod which I will be using to record a wedding on Friday. And my cousin Erik was there with his iPhone, which was super slick. A bunch of us spent an hour playing volleyball in the back yard, which was a great time, especially since the teams were very evenly matched.

My cousin Beth, who made a delicious grilled chicken salad for lunch, and her boyfriend went with us to get some bowling shoes, which we got from a sport's store called Dunham's after checking with Wal-Mart and Sheels. The salesdude was super patient, especially since we got there right as they were closing too. We're really excited to try 'em out on Wednesday night, and we figure after a few years they will pay for themselves too. Thanks, Mr. Salesdude!

On tap for the evening, then: some West Wing, some web site coding, and some caffeine-free Mountain Dew.

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