Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spicing it up

There are few boxed dinners, of the pasta-n-sauce variety, upon which, when supplemented with frozen peas and/or sliced hot dogs, are not improved. Tonight's case in point, inspired by a conversation with my brother Andy: Pasta-Roni, the Shells and White Cheddar variety. It's magical. And because Netflix shipped me a thoroughly cracked disc of The Magnificent Seven, I began watching The Shawshank Redemption with director's commentary as I dined on my delectable dinner. Now back to digital editing!


Beth said...

When does your wife get back? And if you haven't listened already, check out the episode of "Radio Lab" on sleep. It's cool.

Anonymous said...

I could not find the words for which to show how much I agree with you on the shells in white cheddar. As far as boxed pasta dinners go it is supreme .

Simon said...

Unfortunately my podcast listening has been put on hiatus until I am driving the black car once again. Right now I am driving the red car which means no iPod, just KTLK. :)

Thanks for the comments about SnWC, Tom. WOW are they GOOD. It's like, manna from above in shell form. And even better with various added ingredients.