Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Musical Grammar Lessons

My friend Sarah let me borrow a DC Talk CD called "Welcome to the Freak Show," which is basically a live compilation of 16 songs from various tours and such. One of my top songs of all time is DC Talk's live rendition of "Jesus is Just Alright" from the Jesus Freak single, but their live cut of "Luv is a Verb" is suddenly giving it a run for its money.

My wife and I snagged Terminator 3 for $5 at Circuit City two days ago, and while it is easily the weakest of the three in the series, it is a seriously stunning slice of celluloid. Easily one of the best five dollars I have ever spent. It is more action-oriented than T2, which was mostly about character and the essence of humanity, and certainly more entertaining than T1's dark (literally and's James Cameron, after all) and cynical take on technology and warfare. But its entertainment factor is what hinders it, because it rests more in the realm of a summer popcorn blockbuster than its predecessors. But still, a bad Terminator movie is like a bad Ferrari--I'd take it over a Plymouth Reliant any day.

Time to shut down the computer and do some old-fashioned reading. "Whoa."

(And Sarah, thanks for the CD!)


Inside The Console said...

Go DC Talk! And Terminator 3. And the wii from which this is being posted.

jessrings said...

Have you ever watched T3 with my dad? He laughs through the whole thing he loves it so much. Especially the chase scene with some kind of crane and fire truck. Commando would know. He's been subjected to it on several occasions I believe.

Simon said...

Oh yeah, I have definitely had the Pete experience with T3. :) Your dad loves the line where Arnold gets shot, and he spits the bullet out and says "Don't do that." :)