Saturday, June 23, 2007

Finally Cutting

I have spent the better part of today working with Final Cut Express, and thanks to the 1000+ page user manual, as well as some hit-and-miss Googling, I am slowly starting to get it. I'm having to re-learn all the things I knew about iMovie, while struggling to suppress the urge to ditch everything and revert back to that program's clumsy finger-crossing methods of performing editing operations. Thing is, everything iMovie does, Final Cut does way's just a matter of coaxing the program into carrying out my bidding. I couldn't figure out why some simple transitions were not working, but it wasn't until I understood exactly what was taking place upon inserting a transition that I realized what was happening. In fact, this whole day has been a series of tiny Final Cut revelations. But oh, it's so worth it. :)

And yes folks, it's finally happening. Today was the first day of shooting for Indiana Jones 4:

All we need now are some Nazis "and tanks" and we're all set. Bring it on!

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