Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese

I'm not sure if it exists, but I've been in pursuit of it for many years. Kraft is the best, of course, though I'm not sure why. When I was a kid my mom used to make Martha Gooch brand macaroni, and it made me physically ill. To this day I get just a slight bit of nausea if I so much as think about it. Any off-brand is pretty bad, actually. I've tried many, and none can stand up to the goodness that is Kraft.

But that's the tip of the butter chunk.

I've played around with adding stuff, increasing the amounts of various ingredients, and toying around with whatever happens to be in the kitchen. And on an A to F scale, this is where things seem to land...

Made-from-the-box-directions Macaroni: C+
Extra milk: B
Lots of extra milk (with extra salt as well): A-
1 Can Tuna (along with extra milk): B+
Extra cheese (chunks of cheddar): B+
Extra cheese (slice of American): B-
Green beans: B+
Peas: B+
Two regular hot dogs: B+
Two Fairbury hot dogs: A
Ground beef: A-
Cooking the noodles for 15 minutes: B
Tarlowski cooking the noodles for 15 minutes*: A

I still haven't found the *perfect* recipe, even though some of these do get A ratings. The A+ remains ever elusive.

Anyway, tonight I used leftover ground beef that we had from when we made spaghetti last night. The good: it had lots of added Tone's garlic salt. The bad: I found out after I started eating that the milk was sour. Eeeewww. It still tasted pretty good, though, maybe because I also used chunks of cheddar. I'm having it for leftovers tomorrow, so here's hoping the milk isn't too far spoiled. :)

On an entirely different note (har!), the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers I bought a few years ago still ranks as one of the best purchases I've ever made. I still can hardly believe how good they sound.

*not sure why, but he just had this special way of doing it back at Alpha Sigma Sigma


tarlowski said...

Im glad I received an A for my experiments with the elusive A+ Mac. That old stove is what did it. :) It had quite the mojo for making excellent bachelor food. Sorry Im a douche and couldnt get ahold of you during your stay in Nebraska. I was planning on seeing you in MN when GWG was up, but we got snowed out bad and just went to our next date so we didnt die. :) Good times though. Ill see you soon, my friend. Good luck at school, and Ill try to get some sleep some day.


Simon said...

No problem, man. I hope the rest of the GWG tour went well for ya. Let me know when the new record comes out. Dude, I found out you live like 3 blocks from my brother now (well, *he* lives 3 blocks from *you,* since you were there first) and that's pretty cool. We're coming back for Moses Merrill, and I'll buy tacos if you wanna chill for a while. :)

tarlowski said...

Right on man! Me and mikey just started demo-ing for the new JVA record and GWG is due to finish early next year. Ill take you up on tacos for sure. :) You know the date of that moses merrill trip -- cause my School of Rock kids have a huge show on the 27th of Jan!