Sunday, July 16, 2006

Server Craziness

It's been months and months, but one key thing finally clicked today with the podcast. In my visit with Eddy we were able to figure out the password for his account with his hosting company. Now, this sounds like a simple (or even slightly shady) issue, but the password was an obscure and convoluted randomly-generated one, and he could not remember it at all. Because of this, it was becoming very very difficult for me to update the podcast. *face_frown* But after we figured out the password today, things really started looking up. We are now finally able to move the show to another server, and this should really alleviate some of the technical difficulties I've had in getting each episode online.

So forget the podcast as you currently know it, and subscribe to this feed:

The show is the same as always, but just on a new server. :)

I went to SonShine with a friend this past weekend, and it was really, really good. I saw Stryper, Audio Adrenaline, Apologetix, Chris Tomlin, and Toby Mac. The highlight of the entire show was about one minute's worth of Toby Mac's set. Let's just say this: the lights went out, the crowd cheered, and he yelled "Are there any Jesus Freaks in the house tonight?"

Yeah, it was that good. :)

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