Sunday, November 18, 2007

There and Back Again

We just rolled into town from a trip to see some relatives in Nashville. As much as I know that air travel is, really, the safest way to go from A to B, I still get jittery (much like Luke when he knows Vader is on the Command Ship, or, like Wicket when he meets Leah) whenever the plane takes off and lands. But once again, thanks to excellent piloting and the Good Lord Above, we made the trip without incident. It was a great visit, seeing lots of family and attending the baptism of our nephew on Sunday morning. It was quite warm down there, so we spent time on Saturday playing with some of our other nephews in a park near my wife's brother's house, where we were staying. We had a gigantor meal this afternoon, and I believe I am more or less recovered from it, and my tummy should be sufficiently stretched for Thursday's turkey marathon. I'm sure my brothers will out-eat me (Phil, how do you do it?), but it's good to try, eh?

Ok, time for bed. Sleepytime, here I come!


Phil said...

Is that a challenge?

/me Repeatedly stretches my purple glove up and down the length of my forearm, much like Magus from Chrono Trigger.

Mom said...

You'll both lose - Joe would be the clear winner in that challenge!