Monday, November 26, 2007

One for the road

Wow, what a week it's been. Kah-razy. In a good way, to be sure.

Here's how it all went down.

Last Tuesday, fresh off a trip to Nashville to see some family on my wife's side, we saddled up and hit the friendly streets of Minnesota for a temporary southward migration to the slightly sunnier climes of Lincoln for a visit with some family from my side, as well as plenty of friends from back in the day and whatnot. We had a stopover in Des Moines on Tuesday night for some delicious tacos and good times, courtesy of my wife's brother and his wife, not to mention their son who is old enough to walk but young enough to entertain everyone in the room by pretty much anything he does.

Two points if you can guess our first stop once we hit Lincoln the next day.

After a delicious pre-Thanksgiving feast we spent the day with friends and family, as is often our wont when we visit Lincoln. Wednesday night I saw several friends, including one who made the trek from way down south with her husband and young daughter. 'Twas great to see all y'all.

Thanksgiving itself was appropriately awesome, as one might imagine, and even included my aunt from Florida and cousin from Colorado. I tell ya, man, when you put a bunch of us in the same house, and throw in some long-distance relatives for good measure, it's always cool. Many games of cards, and games of the board variety, were played, much popcorn and ice cream was consumed, and a multitude of photos were snapped by all involved. 'Cuz that's how we roll, sucka.

And such went the weekend. It was relaxing and enjoyable, and I'm glad we're heading back for Christmas in a month.

On a side note, on Saturday I submitted a story to Digg, as I do upon occasion, but this was of particular note for a few reasons. First, the "story," as it might be called, was merely a photograph that my brother Andy took on Thanksgiving morning. Additionally, the image was put up on a directory of one of my web sites is, as are all my web sites, hosted by my brother's web server. As of Saturday afternoon the story had over 100 "diggs." It quickly rose to several hundred, and then skyrocketed to well over a thousand. By the time I went to bed, the story had over 2,300 diggs and was the number two story of the day.

The real surprise came during the next few days, including today, upon examination of the server logs. As of this morning, the photo has been accessed over 150,000 times by individuals across the globe, and the original story has over 3,200 diggs. Goodness gracious, that's a lot of bandwidth, but Dreamhost didn't even break a sweat. :)

So anyway, we're now back at home and setting into our usual routine, which can be nice after many days of being on the road and away from home. *whew*


sj said...

welcome back! i told jon to congratulate you on your $5 DVD purchase (when he called you), but he was too busy talking about wii bowling and homemade pizzas. (we have no photo documentation; sorry.) anyway, my guess is that you stopped for some nachos(?) andy linked to that pic on his facebook status, so i checked it out the day it was posted. awesome. i'm excited to see pics of your trips when we come over next. :)

and nice usage of "all y'all" *thumbs up*

gb said...

cool picture... congrats on all the diggs... took me a while to figure out, but i'm not well read on myths...