Saturday, November 10, 2007

Burning Daylight and Petrol

It's just a bit depressing now that we are finished with Daylight Savings Time and the world, or at least the Twin Cities, settles into a darkening slumber by 5:45, especially considering that it will only get worse for the next month and a half. But therein lies the positive: it's only temporary, and on December 21st all bets are off, and we start gaining sunlight by about a minute per day. Free sunlight! How cool is that? Very, says I. Anyway, the dark evenings are good for guilt-free indoors-residing, and as an added bonus, my morning commute is much lighter now, so that's cool.

I have been re-watching some of the DVD extras for the first three Star Wars episodes, and am continually struck by how grand those movies are. The sheer amount of time, effort, and good old-fashioned work that went into the process of bringing Lucas' vision to life overwhelms the mind. Say what you will about the movies, but it's hard to deny the richness of the tapestry upon which they are woven.

My brother Tom got engaged about one week ago, so mega-congratulations to him and his fiancée, who plan on getting married sometime in the spring of 2009. They came up for a visit a few months back, and we had a great time with them. She's a wonderful girl, and he's one lucky dude. :)

Time to eat some Wheat Thins and Costco Sharp Cheddar for breakfast. G'day mates.


Phil said...

Igniting the midnight petroleum?

Simon said...

Kind of, but it's actually a reference to a Green Day song. Still, anytime a Star Trek quote is used is a good time. Nicely done, dude. :)