Sunday, May 13, 2007


My wife's old car was given new life today, thanks to my cousin Matt who is so good with auto repairs that he once built his own Camaro from nothing more than a frame and a stack of mail-order parts. We spent the afternoon bathing our hands in antifreeze and ten-millimeter socket wrenches, and emerged slightly singed but ultimately triumphant. The new radiator (which is, in case I was unclear, what we had to replace) appears to work just fine, and certainly much better than the old one which, though it did leak a bit of fluid now and then, had finally come to the end of its long and healthy life. I mostly just handed tools to Matt as he needed them, but I did manage to get one slightly stubborn section of hose removed from the transmission line, so that was pretty cool. Between the car repair and a 32-ounzer of Sprite, it was a mighty fine afternoon indeed.

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