Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gone Fishing

What did I do last weekend? To save roughly 989 words...

That's me on the right, and my friend Jon on the left, whose parents' cabin we graced with our fish-smelling presence for the duration of Memorial weekend. Of course we did more than just fish, like play hours upon hours of Nintendo Wii with my wife, Jon's girlfriend, and Jon's parents (his dad, incidentally, scored about 60 points during his first game of bowling. By the end of the weekend he outscored all of us with over 220 points!), along with their dogs and cat.

As for the actual fishing, it was pretty decent on Saturday morning even though the weather was a bit chilly. All in all a fantastic way to spend the weekend.

And thank you to all our men and women who fight to give us the privilege of having such weekends in this glorious country. God bless you.

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jessrings said...

Now there's two fine lookin' dudes.