Saturday, January 27, 2007

What A Deal

If you haven't visited DealMeIn, you really ought to. I have, on occasion, been in need of some item or other, and found it for a great price using that web site. It lists great deals on all kinds of stuff from all kinds of online retailers.

Case in point (and the reason for this post): I have been searching for a cheap SD card to fill with photos that I can display on my Nintendo Wii. Thanks to the aforementioned web site, I found a 1 gig card for $9.99, with free shipping. I placed my order on Monday evening, and it arrived yesterday. Now that's service, man.

And, on a rather related note, a friend called us last night to see what we were doing, and if we were interested in hanging out. Our answers were going to the bank, and absolutely. So she came over after we finished our business with the bank and we spend the evening running errands and chatting. I also used the last of my Starbucks gift card to get a "Caramel Frappuino" which is kind of like, but nowhere near as good as, the "Caramel Cooler" from Caribou. And after flipping through hundreds of photos on the Wii, made possible by the cheap memory card, as well as a game of Wii Sports Bowling, it was far past bedtime even though it was only a little past midnight.

I used to stay up super late during college, doing nothing in particular, but I always felt like I wasted a huge chunk of the following day by sleeping it away. I much prefer going to bed at a decent hour and feeling like I'm actually accomplishing something the following day, even if it's simply updating my blog. :) Later on we will be in Saint Cloud with a bunch of my relatives, and a good time (as well as many games of Trivia and Five-Hundred) will, almost certainly, be had by all.

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