Sunday, December 10, 2006

Something for Nothing

I got up early this morning and hit up 3 stores looking for a Wii, but none were to be had. So what's good about that? Well, for one, this certainly is teaching me the value of patience. I used to freak out about stuff like this, but you know what? The world continues, and there certainly are more important things to worry about than a video game system. Another good thing about it is that I keep on playing the original Halo (making good progress through "The Library" on Heroic) and re-discovering how awesome it is.

But something really cool did happen today: I got a coupon the other day for a free 1-gig USB drive from a computer store. Free, eh? I thought to myself. There's some sort of catch... It turns out there wasn't. I took the coupon to the store after church this morning and walked out a few minutes later with a free 1-gig USB drive, no strings attached. I think the goal was to use it to simply get people in the store, and it sure worked. I'll probably go back there any time I need computer stuff, just because they gave me a sweet chunk of solid state storage. Aw yeah. :)

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