Thursday, December 28, 2006

Male or female?

According to the Gender Genie, I am a male. I used text from this blog, and sure enough, it pinned me as a guy. :)

I still get a kick out of looking up at the mountains whenever I go outside here. Yesterday on a drive to Costco I was staring out the car windows like a kid might stare at a roadside carnival or petting zoo. It's awesome to see mountains on every horizon up here, and I could probably sit in the front yard and look at the mountains all day long. Well, except that it's a little cold and snowy right now, but still, one does get the point anyway.

One of the things I miss during the eleven months of the year that surround the Christmas season is the music. I really like Christmas hymns, and when we went to the 10pm service on Christmas Eve we got to sing all the great classics, and it was really cool (ok, so "really cool" is probably not the best description I could use, but it's early and I'm still kind of tired). You know how sometimes a certain song will trigger memories of a particular event or time in your life every time you hear it? I think what I like about "Joy to the World," "Away in a Manger," "Silent Night," et al, is that they always trigger memories of family, friends, presents, cider, warm blankets, and worshipping Christ. It's a good feeling, I tell ya. Sing away.

Oh, and yesterday we totally completed the newspaper crossword puzzle. Yes!

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