Saturday, May 06, 2006

Garage Sailing

I got word of a massive neighborhood-wide garage sale today, so I went down with a friend to see what I could find. I think I got there too late, though, because at about a dozen separate houses the only things left were baby clothes and old VHS tapes. I did see an air compressor for $50, but I don't really need one (nor do I have a good place to store one). I also found a stationary circular saw for about $75, but it was kind of like the air compressor in both practicality and storage. I was really looking for a vacuum cleaner or bookcase, but found nothing.

...until I was on my way home and my friend called to tell me of a $7 vacuum at a sale I had missed. Score! I went by to check it out, and it wasn't the newest of vacuums, but it was definitely cheap and came with a few extra bags too. Shyeah! So now I am the proud owner of a Coleman vacuum--yeah, I didn't know they made vacuums either. Weird, eh? For sure. Weird, but extremely cool nonetheless.

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