Saturday, May 13, 2006

E3 Coolness

Each year about this time it's sort of like a three-day Christmas for video game fans. Yay for E3! This year, we got...

- A great press conference from Nintendo
- Lots of info on the Wii
- To see the Wii controller in action (and it's awesome!)
- Info on a new Mario game, the new Metroid game, and a bunch of other stuff for the Wii
- To see Reggie kick butt and take names once again
- No J!
- Too much Peter Moore!
- More earpiece-mic things than you can handle
- Just a bit teary-eyed for the best game nobody will ever play
- Lots of charts and graphs from Sony
- To hear Kaz Hirai try to tell us that UMD movies are not dead. Bwa ha ha!
- A $600 console from Sony
- A five-hour line to play the Wii
- A good show, mates. A mighty good show.

The next year is going to be amazing for video games. Keep an eye on those wallets, folks. :)

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