Monday, September 24, 2012

Goats At Work

I didn't grow up in a big city, but I didn't exactly grow up in a small town either. For much of my life I lived in an average-sized city of about 200K residents, but we were close enough to the edge that a 10-minute bike ride from home would put us on a dirt trail in the middle of cornfields.  It was a great place to be, and even now when I go back for a visit it still feels just as much like home as it always did.  After college I lived in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area for five years, and while the conveniences of a big metropolis were nice, I did miss the simplicity and uncomplicated living of my former residence.  Not that it was bad, just different.  Those five years were an incredibly valuable time in my life, and though I didn't always see it at the time, there was a reason the Lord brought us to that part of the country.  Many reasons, in fact.  But now that we live in what would be considered by most definitions a small town, I often have moments when I really appreciate this place.  Moments like this:
I don't know what these goats are doing or why they are here, but as I biked to work this morning and saw them munching on vegetation behind the Hobby Lobby, I thought of how this scene would never take place back in the Twin Cities.  It's things that this that I really like about living here, and even though we have yet to get a Target store it's still a fantastic place to live.

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Julie said...

Haha that sign is hilarious! What sort of work are these goats doing?! You're right, you would never see something like this in the Twin Cities. I used to want a goat back when we lived on our acreage. I really miss living out in the country sometimes. :/ But this is where God has brought me for now, so I will find joy and contentment where I can here. :)