Saturday, December 08, 2007

You sent me a letter

When I woke up this morning, the air temperature was one degree. Below.

I just thought I would mention that.

Anyway, last night our friends Sarah and Jon came over for some good cooking, good laughs, and a good movie. The dinner was lasagne, homemade, using Sarah's recipe, with about twice as much cheese as it called for. The laughs were mostly from a Comedy Central special that Jon brought, of a guy whose name slips my mind, but who was, in what is rather singular in his business, funny but not very foul-mouthed. The movie? Robert Zemeckis' gift to nerds the world over: Back to the Future. As Jon said, why don't they make movies like that anymore? I don't know, but someone really should. We capped the night with a few rounds of Wii Bowling, during which I finally joined Sarah and my wife in the "Pro" club, which is attained when one reaches a score of 1000 in the bowling rankings. It takes quite a bit of work, and the reward, a sparkling bowling ball, is more than worth it.

Today, after sleeping in and then fiddling with the backup software on my computer, I made some calls to local stores and managed to locate one copy of Guitar Hero 3, which I have been attempting to find for some time now. I high-tailed it down to the GameStop on University Avenue where an employee named Colin (thanks, Colin, if you're reading this, the chances of which are highly unlikely. But it never hurts to try...) handed me their last copy, which he graciously held for me. Much of the day was spent trading the Les Paul between my wife and myself as we strummed virtually along, unlocking songs and battling opponents online and off. My wife's brothers introduced us to Guitar Hero 2 this summer, and we have both been awaiting the release of the series' third iteration ever since. Well, I have, at any rate, though my wife does enjoy the games a good deal also. :)

So yes, it is one degree out, but we have a roof over our heads, a heater that works, a pair of reliable automobiles, food in our fridge, clothes on our back...I suppose I could go on, but one does get the point. It's not the dark circle of winter on which I try to focus, but the bright spot in the center of the degree, the brilliant point the cold of winter is farthest from.


Sarah said...

Well, I hope you lit your candle for many hours and enjoyed its scent whilst you "strummed" away...

And geez, you should know by now that it's "Jon," not "John." Short for "Jonathon", yeah. And the comedian was Jim Gaffigan. And I think we left the disc there.

And you forgot to mention what we followed up the movie with--the always funny "Brokeback to the Future." *snicker*

Since I seem to be starting all my sentences with "and," I'll mix it up for this sentence: what you can't add to your list of "haves," is milk, b/c we drank you out of house & home while we were there. Sorry--we owe you a keg of milk. ;)

Congrats on the sparkly ball. :)

SJ said...

and I just saw your link...well played! ;)

Simon said...

Thanks for letting me know, dude. I have changed his name. :)

I'm glad you found the link, too. I didn't want to make it too obvious. Sort of a bonus.

And don't worry about the milk! We owe you for always picking us up from the airport, so who cares about a silly little bit of milk.

We HAVE to go to the Brass Rail, though. Soon. I really need me some Earlies...

jessrings said...

Check this out. The contrast is mind-boggling: