Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Recap

Just rolled in from Lincoln, and here's the quick version:

- Christmas with The Fam was Teh Awesome. Lots of good food, excellent card games, and dozens of photo-ops with our 19-month old niece.

- Brought Guitar Hero. Rocked basement.

- Got Mario Galaxy. It feels like my computer is rotating while twisting itself inside out as I type this.

- Saw lots of friends, ate lots of shrimp, drank lots of Andy's cider.

- Board games rule.

- We head out for the second leg of our Christmas 2007 Tour tomorrow. Destination: Helena, Montana!

- George, our Geo Prizm, officially turned 160,000 on the drive home this afternoon. I got him some new windshield washer fluid and an oil change to celebrate.

- Time for bed. *snore*

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Phil said...

In regards to your voicemail about Mario:


'nuff said.