Sunday, October 28, 2007

When things just work...

My computer would not print today. All day, printer jobs just got stuck in the queue on my eMac and would not get sent to the printer. I restarted my Mac. I power-cycled the router. I hooked the printer up to another port on the router. I tried and re-tried, and finally I went on to other things.

Then tonight I could not connect to my shared iTunes library from my wife's iBook. Odd. I could also not connect to my computer's shared drives on our network. Double odd. So I checked the DHCP Client Table in our router from the iBook and only three devices were found: the printer, the Wii, and the computer I was using. I went back to my eMac, which could send and receive data over TCP/IP, entered the IP of our router, and it could not locate it. I literally said to my wife, "My computer can connect to the internet but our router doesn't know it's connected to the network."

You probably already know what was wrong. Well, it took me a few more minutes to realize that my eMac had, sometime in the morning, disconnected from our LAN and hooked itself up to an open WiFi network in our building. I ran to my eMac, connected it to our LAN, and BAM! Everything works.

It's sort of like beating a boss level, wouldn't you say?


Mom said...

I wonder if that is what would happen sometimes with our Epson printer that we had,

gb said...

i'm jealous you have a free network nearby. i comb the night skies, but a solitary browser i remain.

Phil said...

Tom would tell you that the printer issues are completely unrelated to the rest of the problems, simply because it's a printer.

'nuff said.

Simon said...

I don't think it would happen with the Epson, since it was connected directly via USB.

I know what you mean, gb. It's nice to share a building with several people who don't always secure their networks. :)

Phil...well, I know what you mean. Let's just leave it at that.