Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raining on my Padre?

Much of this summer was in a rather prolonged drought, thus putting a damper on one of my favorite summertime activities: experiencing the rain. I don't mean running around in thunderstorms, but enjoying it however possible, whether going for a drive in the deluge, falling asleep to the sounds of droplets hitting the windowpanes, or watching the aftereffects of such showers develop such as the swelling of lakes and ponds. But like I said, this summer was fairly dry, so not a lot of that goin' on around here. Or pretty much anywhere in the Midwest.

So it has been my great delight to witness the return of the rains these past several days. It has rained intermittently for quite some time now, and today the skies wept for nearly the entire day. I know it might seem trite to write about the rains on the plains, but I do greatly enjoy it when the Lord refreshes His creation. It's also nice to think that the cement splash guards outside my parents' home, in which my brothers and I embedded several rocks so as to scatter the water as it exits the downspouts, are still hanging in there.

Now if only I had a sandbox and the leaves from a linden tree from which I might fashion a rain gauge.

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