Monday, June 12, 2006

Isolinear Chips? Almost...

I read in a book some years ago that one isolinear chip could hold over two terabytes of data (though some have disagreed). However you slice it, that is a heck of a digital storage box. Well, I just installed a second external hard drive for my computer, bringing my total storage space up to 450 gigabytes, or almost half of a terabyte. Not bad. :)

My brother once bought a one gigabyte hard drive and I was sure we would never ever fill it up. He even let me have 100 megabytes of storage space for whatever I wanted. Isn't Moore's Law cool? (answer: yes, it sure is)

Edit: Wow, what great timing!

Second edit: Changed the title from "Isoliner Chips" to "Isolinear Chips". I don't even know what an "Isoliner" is.

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