Tuesday, October 12, 2010

14 Feet to the North

My parents came for a visit last weekend, and even though their time here was brief it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.  It's always nice to go visit the fam up in Nebraska, but it's great when they can make the trek down to Oklahoma too.  Saturday was mostly spent doing two projects at our house, along with a trip downtown to a car show and capping the evening off with some cards.  During the afternoon my wife and my mom worked on painting some borders along the top of our bedroom while my dad and I installed a cable jack on a different side of the living room.  And surprisingly (or perhaps not, since we often start these projects with prayer) there were very few hiccups or problems during the operation.

The goal: move this mess from behind the couch
to under the cabinet. And straighten it out, too.  :)
Installing the new cable jack junction box.
About half of the installation project involved going down into the crawl space below the floor to move some wires, drill some holes, and of course, take some pictures.
My dad, doing his best Steve McQueen impression.

'Twas a tad cramped below the house...
A couple hours and one bottle of cream soda later we had finished, and the results, while not exactly worthy of the Sistine Chapel, weren't half bad.
Best part of the whole picture: Mexican Train Dominos.
Meanwhile, my wife and mom did a stellar job of painting, and even though the color we chose looked a little different on the walls than it did on the paint sample, it's much better than the original off-pink color the borders used to be.  But that's kind of the nature of home improvement projects--one gets completed and another takes its place, or one gets finished just enough to be put aside for now until it can be revised and changed even more later on.  And hopefully, like it was with my parents, it will be a fun process along the way.

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