Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"One Hundred, K?"

Our 1998 Corolla, William, hit 100,000 miles today. Awww... The little guy's been so good to us for the past few years after we rescued him from his former owners, and we hope to drive him for at least double his current mileage before sending him out to pasture many years from now.

Well, that's the hope, anyway. And with any luck (and continued frequent oil changes, thanks in no small part to Sarah's dad's garage, and my dad's garage too) we'll get him there.

We made our special chili the other night, and while it might not be up to Andy's standards, it suits us just fine--especially when coupled with a large dosage of corn bread and crackers. Even better, it tastes great even as leftovers, so one night's feast turns into a week's worth of lunch for me at work. Aw yeah.

Oh, and get this. I lost not only my copy of The Two Towers, but also my new water bottle, on our trip to Georgia last weekend. Major drag, huh? But Sunday afternoon we rectified the book situation, and tonight before dinner we made a quick trip to REI to pick up another of their cheapest water bottles. Since we don't go hiking or snowbooting or whatever, we had to hide behind a stack of Power Bars to get away from the clerks who were stalking us and trying to sign us up for memberships. Thankfully we made it out alive without any caribbeaners or Columbia pants--just a simple water bottle, thank you very much.

Time for bed.


Phil Ringsmuth said...

Speaking of food for a day turning into food for a week, the Chipotle Gods smiled upon my office and I when they drew my name from their fishbowl on Monday morning.

This hooks up with 25 (twenty-five!!!) free burritos, plus chips, from them next Monday for lunch. My department, plus a few other friends around the office, will probably eat fifteenish of the burritos.

This leaves me with a ballpark of five to ten Chipotle burritos to stuff in the fridge and stretch the waistband for the entirety of the week.

Better still? This is the second time it's happened this year.

Anonymous said...

Losing a water bottle and The Two Towers is better than losing 8000+ pictures on the external hard drive that dad had for all of our digital pictures. Recovery of said pictures was quoted to be between $1000 - $5000.